Vibration Analysis and Balancing

DigivibeMX Family

The DigivibeMX family of devices and software are simply the most capable, easy-to-use vibration and balancing analyzers available on the market.  To put it bluntly…we are so confident that you will never go back to your brick of a box from the other guys we offer a 10 day no hassles return. If you don’t like it…return it. We provide services like vibration analysis, balancing machine, Reliability Engineering.

DigivibeMX M10

dvmx-m10 (1)

DigivibeMX M20

dvmx-m20 (1)

DigivibeMX M30

dvmx-m30 (1)



DigivibeMX systems are available in 3 different configurations. 2 Channel Wired, 4 Channel Wired, and Wireless using the WiSER Wireless Accelerometer 2 Channel Interface.