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Erbessd Reliability Instruments Company
EI Series
Balancing Machines.
Our Balancing Machines take advantage of exclusive Soft Bearing Suspension systems and the most efficient balancing algorithms available in our DigivibeMX M10 to reach a balancing quality grade higher than ISO G2.5. Unmatched Features, Unbeatable Price…
The DigivibeMX Family.
The DigivibeMX family of devices are the most fully featured, easy-to-use vibration analysis & balancing analyzers available on the market. Unmatched Features, Unbeatable Price…
SBS Series
Build Your Own Balancing Machine

Our Soft Bearing Suspension systems bring you the ability to increase performance, upgrade your existing balancing machine or build your own balancing machine. Unmatched Accuracy, Unbeatable Price…
Real-time monitoring. Any time, Anywhere…
The EIMU is designed to monitor Real Time vibration conditions of any machine, it\’s a low-cost and easy to install modular system that enables you to monitor your critical assets. Unmatched Features, Unbeatable Price…

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Masters of Machinery Health Analytics: Vibration Analysis, Dynamic Balancing, Balancing Machines, Online Monitoring, Laser Shaft Alignment, Laser Belt & Pulley Alignment…
Video Tutorials…
Vibration Analyzer and Dynamic Balancer Demo
Making a 3D ODS Analysis (Operating Deflection Shapes)
2 plane Balancing using Soft Bearing Suspensions

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